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Course Completion Review
Talks too fast
Nicholas R. 02/27/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
Helpful info.
Timothy M. 02/27/2024 IFR With Confidence - (King Classic)
Good stuff
The early 2000s vibe really brings back some good memories lol. Good info too of course.
David H. 02/26/2024 VFR Cross-Country Flying - (King Classic)
Course Completion Review
I think that the website is excellent. Clear and concise.
Thomas G. 02/26/2024 VFR Cross-Country Flying - (King Classic)
Good training video.
Ronald T. 02/25/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
Good training video.
Ronald T. 02/25/2024 Airport Signs Markings & Procedures
Excellent VFR refesher
Excellent review of VFR regulations with updates from previous versions.
Charles D. 02/25/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Thorough and Comprehensive
The King Schools private pilot ground school and test prep course is packed with information, resources, and all the knowledge needed to excel in the private pilot FAA knowledge test. The material is presented in an engaging manner that helps with understanding and remembering the concepts. Hats off to John and Martha for putting together a great course!
David C. 02/24/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Continued excellence
I've used the King School program successfully ace my Private, Instrument and commercial ground tests
Dave D. 02/24/2024 Commercial Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Worked great for me!
Simple and straight forward information presented in a digestible and understandable way.  Some of the videos are obviously old, but who cares? They do what they are supposed to do.  I have recommended King Schools to several people and will continue to do so.
Jonathan A. 02/23/2024 Private Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
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