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I learned a few things again despite thinking I already knew it all.
Svante L. 10/12/2021 VFR Cross-Country Flying
Course Completion Review
Entertaining and important.  Thank you!
LEE B. 10/11/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Entertaining and interesting
Svante L. 10/11/2021 Aviation Weather Wise
Excellent and memorable
Very well organized and memorable course on risk management for pilots. The best of the King courses I have taken so far.
Timothy K. 10/11/2021 Practical Risk Management For Pilots
great visuals of nt apt apprch
great visuals of nt apt apprch
LEE B. 10/10/2021 Night Flying
Course Completion Review
Good review, thanks for keeping it up to date.
LEE B. 10/10/2021 VFR Regulations Refresher
this is a great school
Thank you so much , you all taught me a lot, i love the Kings, but i enjoyed Miss King the most, thank you again,
Juan C. 10/07/2021 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Great review for METAR and TAF
METAR and TAF class was easy to understand.
Cesar D. 10/06/2021 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Scott G. 10/06/2021 VFR Cross-Country Flying
i have been a fan for 20 years
they  do such a great job of teaching the material
George 10/06/2021 Aviation Weather Wise
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