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Great for refresher
Used this as a refresher while working on my CFI rating.  Great help
Andrew L. 06/07/2024 Commercial Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Good Comprehensive Airspace
Website is good and can be modernized.
Kirk J. 05/14/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
Another good course
Got a 100% on the CAX test after taking this course
Cobi B. 05/14/2024 Commercial Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
King of stalls
You 2 are great  at explaining everything about the art of flying!
Jeff M. 05/13/2024 Taming Stalls & Spins
Course Completion Review
Great BFR review with added updates. Liked the added info reasons given by John King on the emergency check list items that would be valid towards any piston engine aircraft.
Richard H. 05/10/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
John and Martha-Forever Young
Great Refresher
Greg J. 05/09/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
Excellent Review of Airspace
Excellent and complete review for a 1900 hour pilot who has forgotten a few things. There is one exception in that it's outdated in the area of ADS-B in that there are no mentions of ADS-B requirements.
Douglas A. 05/06/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
Very Informative
This course was very informative and refreshing.
Thomas K. 04/29/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
great hints
always a good reference
Richard L. 04/27/2024 Maneuvers for the Commercial Pilot and CFI
Course Completion Review
A course that we should retake periodically.
Mike K. 04/26/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
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