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Course Completion Review
I am starting flight school tomorrow, and I enjoyed this course to better prepare for my check ride. I feel a lot more confident going into flight school, knowing what the test looks like and what I need to focus on as I start this journey. Thanks!
Benjamin R. 04/25/2023 Private Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
SHAWN M. 04/24/2023 Taming Stalls & Spins
Fun, engaging and informative
Gives me great confidence in my flying skills. Preps you for the ideal way to approach these trips and I see myself coming back to this one again when I'm ready to take my first cross-country flight solo.
William S. 04/24/2023 VFR Cross-Country Flying
VFR Cross Country Flying
Nice job
Robert N. 04/24/2023 VFR Cross-Country Flying
Very informative.
Very helpful and needed for the process of flying commercial aircraft.
Joshua B. 04/24/2023 Pilot Communications
Clear and Easy instruction.
Another happy customer. I will continue to use this throughout my aviation career.
Cesar L. 04/24/2023 Pilot Communications
Great instruction
I really like the way information is conveyed. It's at the right speed to not feel rushed and not feel like it's dragging along. I will continue using King in the future for my other ratings/certificates
Anthony C. 04/24/2023 Private Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Course Completion Review
Stephen P. 04/24/2023 Pilot Communications
excellent overview !!
easy to use and informative.
Cody W. 04/23/2023 Taming Stalls & Spins
Course Completion Review
Fast paced
Randy B. 04/23/2023 Pilot Communications
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