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Fun and informative
Ian P. 04/15/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Great Start
I would say the look and feel is a bit outdated. Otherwise the site is easy to navigate and works well.
Matt K. 04/15/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Fantastic Experience
I had a great time learning about all that it takes to become a pilot. The course was easily digestible and very informative. Tons of information but presented in a way that was very conducive to a learning for a newbie.
Lucas P. 04/12/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
VFR X-country course
Okay course but outdated.  Some info (like calling Flight Watch) is obsolete.  No use of modern flight planning tools.
G N. 04/11/2024 VFR Cross-Country Flying - (King Classic)
Absolutely amazing
so much fun and easy to learn. would recommend to anyone with a passion for aviation that wants to become a pilot
Johnny M. 04/10/2024 Pilot Communications - (King Classic)
Interesting and well presented
I enjoyed the videos. I thought the information was interesting and well presented.
Christopher T. 04/10/2024 Taming Stalls & Spins
Awesome learning experience!
As not being able to attend an in person ground school, this website was a perfect substitute.  It had amazing, helpful videos that were perfect for learning the basics of flight and airspace.
Noah S. 04/08/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Great test prep
This course does a great job of getting you to pass the FAA exam, as they teach how important concepts will be represented, phrased, and tested on the exam. That said, there are some blind spots in the course, insofar as topics tested on the exam but not covered in the course and topics that the course teaches to only what you need to know for the test. While I appreciated the focus on getting me prepared for the test, I think that greater depth on some subjects beyond that required for the exam is important for general understanding as a pilot and also to better understand the material covered in the exam. I read the PHAK and the AFH to round out my notes from King. Additionally, the user interface is quite dated and clunky. All said, I'll continue to buy King products because of its focus on teaching to the test and the personalities of the Kings, whose quirks and memory aids really help commit important items to memory.
Matthew M. 04/05/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Great and efficient course!
No hassle and all the pertinent information I needed to pass with a great score.
John G. 04/04/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Watch it more than once.
Watch it more than once and take notes. Almost everything you need to know about talking to ATC and getting the correct frequencies.
Warren R. 04/04/2024 Pilot Communications - (King Classic)
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