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Cessna Flight Training System Part 141

King Schools Flight Training Program For Part 141 Flight Schools

Flight School Benefits
The Most Complete Part 141 Flight Training System Available
This scenario-based* training system includes:
  • Sport/Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Flight Instructor
  • Multi-Engine
* Customize Scenarios to your local flight training environment.
Reports For FAA, Marketing & School Management
  • FAA Enrollment
  • FAA Graduation
  • VA 85-15
  • Customer Progress
  • Customer Inactivity
  • Knowledge Test Results

Flight Instructor Benefits
Go Paperless – FREE iOS App with Electronic Signature
  • Manage student training offline
  • Review student progress
  • Easily identify areas of difficulty
  • Audit graduation eligibility
Transitioning to the Cessna System is a Breeze
  • Easy-to-Use Instructor Guides
  • Step-by-Step System Training Guides & Videos
  • Helpful Support Staff by Phone, Email or Chat
  • Receive Complimentary Demo Courses for Review

Student Benefits
Courses Feature:
  • Lifetime course access—No membership fees or subscriptions
  • Courses are always current to the latest FAA standards
  • Mobile friendly training—Learning pilots can study offline with FREE iOS Companion Apps
  • Access to training records through home-study course
  • Unlimited access to the Cessna Reference Library—Over 80 aviation reference eBooks, guides, websites and FAA circulars
  • Complete FAA test prep—Unlimited randomly generated practice tests ensure a top score
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