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Favorite Thoughts

On Getting Ahead

  • The one sure way to get ahead is to seek out and take care of other people´s needs.
  • It should be a goal to leave everyone who comes in contact with you better off for having had that contact with you.
  • The way to get other people to do what you want is to use the dynamite tool of TNT:
    • Trustworthiness is established
    • Needs of others are identified
    • Triumph is achieved with a solution to their needs
  • The keys to success are to have several passions, develop areas of interest that you know more about than others, and use TNT.
  • If when you meet someone, you use their name and focus on them with intensity for 60 seconds, they will remember you for years.
  • If you want positive results, start all written communications with the word “you”.  That’s what the recipient is most interested in.

On Management

  • An employer´s highest obligation is to provide meaningful, rewarding work in an atmosphere of civility and respect.
  • Responsible leaders are careful with their power.
  • If you want to test someone´s character don´t give them adversity, give them power. That is the true test of character.
  • Unless you´ve solicited and received "creative disagreement", you probably don´t understand all sides of the issue and are not ready to make a decision.
  • Good crew coordination means challenging the captain when they are about to make a mistake.  A good captain is thankful for the challenge.
  • Experts make as many errors as novices—they have just become better at catching and correcting them.
  • Sometimes the riskiest thing to do is not to take a risk.
  • Failure is wasted if you don´t take responsibility for it.

On Managing Yourself

  • Doing things that matter to lots of people means that there will be many opinions of you—some will be unfavorable no matter how good a job you do.
  • You can’t control all the things that happen to you, but you can control how you respond to them
  • Anger is a totally counter-productive and destructive emotion.  Attempting to “get it out of your system” by expressing it only prolongs and heightens the emotion.
  • Don’t take insults and indignities personally—it is a reflection on them not on you.
  • Verbal attacks are a compliment; no one will bother to disparage someone that doesn’t matter to them.
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