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Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0

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Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0

The Garmin produced Aviation Weather Radar 2.0 eLearning course provides in-depth instruction on the fundamental operation of this highly capable weather radar system.
1.5 hours

Completing this course enables a pilot to perform basic tilt and range management functions while having a foundational understanding of how to analyze and interpret a weather radar display.
An airborne weather radar can be a great tool to help detect and avoid adverse weather during flight. The Garmin Aviation Weather Radar eLearning course goes beyond the content of weather radar pilot's guides to help you maximize the benefits of your weather radar system's capabilities. This course will introduce you to radar fundamentals, operational principles, industry standard practices and operational considerations and techniques for all phases of flight. This course also addresses the features, functions and operation of three of Garmin's airborne weather radars: GWX 70, GWX 75 and GWX 80, as well as reviews techniques employed for managing weather threats. The course culminates with an interactive exercise that allows you to manipulate the controls as various features and settings are reviewed.
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You will learn:
  • Understanding of weather radar fundamentals
  • Increasing weather (situational) awareness through the combined use of preflight planning, airborne weather radar and NEXRAD
  • Understanding the capabilities and limitations of NEXRAD and airborne weather radars, and while they complement each other, why the two displays will NEVER look the same.
  • Cross-referencing the NEXRAD radar and moving map displays to better understand the weather situation and enable improved risk management decisions.
  • Managing tilt and range settings
  • Interpreting the weather radar display
  • Understanding the proper use of ground clutter on the radar display to ensure the proper functioning of the radar and to help determine the appropriate tilt setting
  • Understanding the Garmin GWX 70/75/80 weather radar features, functions and operation.
  • Understanding when to use GWX features such as Altitude Compensated Tilt (ALT), Ground Clutter Suppression (GCS), and Weather Alert.
  • Understanding the GWX 75/80 enhanced 16-color palette
  • Understanding the GWX 80 Automatic Mode and 3D Volumetric Scanning
  • Recognizing the need to operate the weather radar on each flight to ensure it is functioning properly when you need it, practice tilt and range management, and gain experience with interpreting ground clutter on the display.
  • Managing weather threats
  • Use of GWX-series features and other resources to identify, investigate, and assess potential weather hazards to aid decision-making
  • Tilt and range setting starting points by phase of flight
  • Long-range weather radar techniques
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  1. What are the operating requirements for the online course?
    Online course media requires a broadband internet connection. The course will run on your iPad, tablet, iPhone or smartphone.
  2. What devices will the course work on?
    Access your course from any device...all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser
    • Tablets
    • Computers
    • Mobile Devices

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  3. How do I access my course completion certificate?
    Once you have completed all the lessons, you'll be able to print out your completion certificate. Click on the Print Completion Certificate tab when you are finished to print your certificate.
  4. Who do I call if I have questions?
    You can speak to one of our Pilot Advisors during business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200. You can also email us at

Unedited Customer Reviews
Very nice overview
This was a very nice review of theory and practice of flying with Garmin airborne weather radar.
Mark B. 08/02/2023
Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0
Not worth the money
Interactive part of the course not working properly
Philippe B. 02/28/2022
Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0
Course Completion Review
Jeremy P. 01/15/2022
Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0
Great course
I love learning. Some may say I’m addicted to it.
Phil H. 11/26/2019
Garmin Aviation Weather Radar 2.0
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