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Guidance for Our Managers

General Responsibilities
Implement the plans and policies of the company specifically regarding your area of responsibility to aid in making the company profitable
  • Manage the performance of your area or responsibility in a way that will contribute to the success of the company
  • Focus on the needs of customers and employees
  • Push aggressively to help create new King products to make profits grow
  • Look to the future for opportunities created by change
  • Recognize that too much caution in the face of change can be the riskiest course of action
  • Join in planning and executing a bold future for King Schools
  • Be continuously studying and learning in your areas of responsibility.
Setting and Meeting Profitability Goals
Collaborate with others in setting goals for your department that will support the company´s profitability and financial goals
Direct your department so as to meet your goals
Enhancing and Protecting Our Assets
Do your part to keep King Schools financially sound
Manage wisely the financial and physical assets you are responsible for
Enhancing the Brand and Our Intellectual Property
Aid in creating products that will be profitable and support our brand
Attracting and Retaining Talent
Develop and implement strategies for finding and retaining talent. It is crucial that we grow our company to continue to be competitive in the marketplace.
Maintaining the Character of King Schools
Maintain King Schools as a customer-centered organization
  • See that we provide outstanding customer service in all our contacts with customers
  • Be sure you start all correspondence with the words "you" or "your", or make sure the customer is at least the subject in the first sentence of your emails and letters. Focus your correspondence on the recipient´s needs.
  • Ensure that we create inspired rather than just workman-like products
Maintain and support our Unique Selling Proposition
  • Clarify
  • Simplify
  • Make It Fun
Maintain the core values of King Schools
  • Be trustworthy
  • Treat everyone with respect and civility
  • Get ahead by seeking out and taking care of other´s needs
  • Leave everyone better off for having had a relationship with us
Maintain an environment of mutual courtesy, civility, and respect
Ensure that staff-members play by fair rules—do not allow politics, gaming and deviousness. Be a good example to your staff.
Your Role In Relation to Your Staff
Interface appropriately with your staff
  • Ensure your group has sufficient and up-to-date information to do inspired work
  • Make thoughtful decisions and guide your staff to appropriate courses of action in operations
  • Praise in public—criticize in private
Provide meaningful, rewarding work in pleasant surroundings
Continuously coach and develop your staff to improve their performance
Encourage continuing education, development and growth of each staff-member
Follow King Schools´ management philosophy
  • Get good people—with the right attitude, expertise, character and work ethic
  • Coach them regarding our core values to make sure we are the kind of company that we want to be
  • Liberally share information
  • Ensure your group employs good procedures and processes
Recognize the expertise of your staff and be willing to defer to them in their particular areas of expertise—with the above principles they will make good decisions
Listen to your staff for their creative ideas, and let them do it their way if you feel they will accomplish the goals that have been set.
Focus on having big things moving in the right direction—keep projects moving forward
Follow the principles of good management process and support your staff in doing so
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Motivating
  • Controlling
Work with your staff to set milestones and enforce time-bound goals
  • Project in advance on an ongoing basis, the workload for the next three months for each employee in your department
  • Monitor their progress towards those milestones and goals and give them assistance when they need it.
  • Use the Tasks function in Outlook (or a similar system) to keep track of these milestones and goals and monitor your staff´s progress towards them.
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