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High-Altitude Training

High-Altitude Endorsement Ground Training

This is a fun, quick way to get the ground training endorsement the FAA requires to act as PIC of a pressurized aircraft that is capable of flying above 25,000 feet. Get the best training available today with the ease, speed, and portability of online training.

High-Altitude Physiology

If you don't need a high-altitude endorsement, but you want to understand what happens to your body when you fly at higher altitudes, then this course is for you. Explains and refreshes you on high-altitude physiology.

High-Altitude Aerodynamics

This High-Altitude Aerodynamics course provides the information to keep you safely inside restricted flight envelopes encountered when flying at high altitude in an efficient, effective, practical, and easy to understand format.

High-Altitude Weather

Covers weather and forecasting for flights above FL250. Includes hazardous weather and how to avoid it!
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