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King Schools sUAS (Drone) Study Guide

You will use this document as your guide to prepare for the FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drone Knowledge Test. Click Here for a downloadable version of this giude.
There are two components you need study to prepare for your exams.
  1. King Schools Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course
  2. Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations titled "Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems"
Using your King Schools Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course, you only need to study the subject areas that are listed below.
First, let's explain the terminology we use to identify and find lessons in the course. We use three terms; Labs, Lesson Groups and Lessons. The Labs are the main chapters in the course. The Lesson Groups are groups of lessons found inside the Lab. The Lessons are the individual video and review questions on a specific topic nested inside the Lesson Group.
The Labs you need to study are outlined in green.
King Schools Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course Main Menu
Inside each Lab, there are Lesson Groups.
King Schools Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course Lesson Group
After you select the Lesson Group, you will select the individual Lesson to study.
King Schools Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course Lesson Group Menu
Below is the list of subjects you need to study broken out by Lab, Lesson Group and Lesson.
  • LAB
  • Aerodynamics
    • Lesson Group
    • Aerodynamic Principles
      • Lessons
      • Forces on an Aircraft
      • Lift
      • Angle of Attack and Stalls
    • Lesson Group
    • Practical Aerodynamics
      • Lessons
      • Load Factor
      • Figuring Load Factor
  • LAB
  • Sectional Charts
    • Lesson Group
    • Time and Places
      • Lessons
      • Aviation Time
      • Latitude and Longitude
      • Latitude and Longitude for Your Location
      • Airports
      • Sectional Chart Details
      • More Sectional Chart Details
  • LAB
  • Airspace & Weather Minimums
    • Lesson Group
    • Alphabet Soup Airspace
      • Lessons
      • Airspace System Overview
      • Controlled or Uncontrolled
      • Using Class G and Class E Airspace
      • Class D Airspace Details
      • Communications in Class D Airspace
      • Class C Airspace Details
      • Communications in Class D Airspace
      • Class B Airspace Details
      • Class B Airspace Requirements
    • Lesson Group
    • Special Use Airspace
      • Lessons
      • Restricted Areas and Warning Areas
      • Military Operations Areas and Alert Areas
      • Military Training Routes
      • Temporary Flight Restrictions
      • National Wildlife Refuges
      • Flying Around Washington D.C.
    • Lesson Group
    • Weather Minimums
      • Lessons
      • Flying Below 10,000 Feet MSL in Uncontrolled Airspace
      • Flying Below 10,000 Feet MSL in Controlled Airspace
      • Drawing Your Memory Aid
      • Using Airports in Controlled Airspace
      • Applying VFR Weather Minimums Around the Airport
      • Special VFR Operations
  • LAB
  • Communications and Radar Services
    • Lesson Group
    • Aviation Communications
      • Lessons
      • Airport Terminal Information Services (ATIS)
      • Communications Procedures
      • CTAF, UNICOM and Traffic Advisories
  • LAB
  • Flight Operations
    • Lesson Group
    • Flight Plans and Publications
      • Lessons
      • Flight Plans
      • Using the Chart Supplement
      • Chart Supplement - Radar and Communications
      • Chart Supplement - Traffic Patterns
      • Advisory Circulars and NOTAMs
    • Lesson Group
    • Vision and Other Physiological Factors
      • Lessons
      • Avoiding Other Aircraft
      • Near Midair Collisions (NMAC)
      • Hypoxia and Hyperventilation
    • Lesson Group
    • Airport Operations
      • Lessons
      • Airport Lighting
      • Airport Signs
      • Taxiway Markings
      • Runway Markings
    • Lesson Group
    • Aeronautical Decision Making
      • Lessons
      • Risk Elements
      • Common Behavioral Traps
  • LAB
  • Weather
    • Lesson Group
    • Weather Hazards
      • Lessons
      • Thunderstorms
      • Weather Advisories
    • Lesson Group
      • Lessons
      • Surface Observations
      • TAF - Format
      • TAF - From Grouping
      • TAF - Becoming Grouping
      • TAF - Winds, Sky Cover, and Significant Weather
    • Lesson Group
    • Area Forecasts and Winds Aloft Forecasts
      • Lessons
      • Winds and Temperature Aloft Forecasts
      • Area Forecasts - Overview and Hazards
      • Synopsis and VFR Clouds/Weather
      • Sky Conditions and Obstructions to Vision
    • Lesson Group
    • Weather Charts and Pilot Reports
      • Lessons
      • Weather Depiction Charts - VFR
      • Weather Depiction Charts - IFR/MVFR
      • Low Level Prognostic Charts - Weather and Fronts
      • Low Level Prognostic Charts - Turbulence and Freezing Level
  • LAB
  • Aircraft Performance
    • Lesson Group
    • Pressure and Density Altitude
      • Lessons
      • Pressure Altitude
      • Density Altitude
      • Calculating Pressure Altitude
      • Calculating Density Altitude
      • Change in Density Altitude with Temperature
  • LAB
  • Weight and Balance
    • Lesson Group
    • Weight and Balance Principles
      • Lessons
      • Weight and Balance Principles
      • Formulas
Companion App
While your course works on an iPhone, iPad, Mac , PC or any device with an Internet connection, you can download the referenced Labs while connected to the Internet and study them while offline. Just click on Companion App on the main menu of your course. Start the app and login to your iLearn account. All your course progress will be synced when you reconnect to the Internet.
Required Additional Study Material
After viewing the lessons and reviewing the end of lesson questions from the above list, you will need to study Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations titled "Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems". You can also copy and paste this link is your web browser:
Free Practice Test
The Test Prep Lab in your Private Pilot course generates practice tests geared towards the FAA Private Pilot Exam and will ask you questions about topics you have not seen. Instead we suggest you take the FAA's UAS Practice Test. You can also copy and paste this link is your web browser: .
There is also a free FAA course for current airplane pilots seeking a remote pilot certificate you can take with a test at the end as well. While this will not cover all subject needed to pass your written exam, it will expose you to more information and additional questions. In order to take the course you need to go to, create a user account and then enroll in the course listed under Hot Topics.
Your course does provide you the opportunity to take FAA-style questions by subject matter. (This feature is not available when using the KING Companion App.)
In the Test Prep Lab
  1. Select Answer Questions
  2. On the KING Study Category tab, select an individual topic or hold the Ctrl key down on your keyboard and select all the Lab(s) from the outline
  3. Click OK
  4. You will be tested on all the questions in those subject categories
  5. You will see questions not covered in the material you studied since you were not required to study all the Lesson Groups or Lessons in that Lab as they do not apply to your area of study. You can ignore those questions, however, it will be considered an Unanswered Question.
How do I Get My Endorsement to Take the Test?
You do not need an endorsement to take the FAA test.
Where Do I Go to Take My Test?
FAA-approved Knowledge Testing Centers. You can also copy and paste this link in your web browser:
Opens a new window.