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VisionSafe EVAS Training

The EVASĀ® is a self-contained system that allows a pilot and copilot to see flight instruments during a smoke in the cockpit incident. The entire EVAS system is contained in an aluminum container that weighs approximately 6 pounds. This training course will teach pilots to understand and use the proper procedures for EVAS deployment.

HAI - Helicopter Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)

Thank you for being a HAI member
As a benefit for your membership, your purchase of the KING Helicopter FIRC for $99 includes free online certificate renewal—a $25.95 value.

Everything can be completed online
  • NO trips to the FSDO
  • NO documents notarized
  • NO sending in your old CFI certificate, or any other documents
  • Enjoy a mobile friendly FIRC that goes anywhere you need to study

Commercial Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep

Once you become a helicopter pilot, you'll fly backwards, sideways and hover! And ... do pedal turns while operating out of an area no bigger than a back yard!
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