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LIFT: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Successful Business

John & Martha King

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How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Successful Business
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John & Martha King share how they pursued their passion for flying by starting their business of teaching pilots. Their courses enabled millions of their customers worldwide to greatly improve their own lives by learning to fly.
As teachers of pilots, the Kings have been fortunate to know and learn from many entrepreneurs, some of whom are billionaires, and they have come to deeply appreciate that entrepreneurs are problem-solvers who make life better for nearly everyone they touch. The Kings believe owning your own business will be good for you and you will make it good for society. One of the benefits you will receive is that entrepreneurship develops habits and aptitudes that will facilitate your growth as a person.
You will learn from this book, and the teaching skills of the Kings, the practical tools you need to take advantage of the opportunity that owning your own business presents.
When John & Martha King got married, they committed to a lifetime of mutual entrepreneurship as well as marriage. They decided they would be equal partners in everything they would do. They took turns teaching their aviation courses on video. Over time, teaching on video created the visibility that gave them both the opportunity and, they felt, the obligation, to contribute to the overall knowledge of the aviation community.
As their use of technology grew, their aviation teaching became more accessible to learning pilots and they began to improve the risk management practices of the aviation community worldwide. Entrepreneurship has enabled the Kings to teach more pilots than any other instructors in history. As a result, they have been inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

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