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Clear flight training hurdles with ease. This instructional flying series will help sharpen your skills and become an essential part of your aviation library. These are topics that often raise questions and leave student pilots as well as experienced pilots perplexed—often wishing they had more time for review with their instructor. Now, you can review these important single subjects like takeoffs, landings and communication—as often as you like, whenever you like.
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Maneuvers for Private Pilot

Pilot’s point-of-view video and animated graphics combine to teach short and soft-field takeoffs and landings, turns around a point, forward slips, and more. The in-flight video will show you step-by-step procedures and you’ll learn how to set up optimally for each maneuver. You’ll also see how to avoid or correct common errors—techniques that will help make you the master of your aircraft, and impress your Examiner along the way.
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