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Product reviews for Garmin G1000 Pilot Course

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Course Completion Review
Trent T. 05/12/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Great Resource for CFII
Thank you for all the great information! I feel much more confident to teach my Instrument students now :)
Rachel B. 05/05/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Course Completion Review
Good course
Rajen D. 04/28/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Comprehensive Review
This is a very thorough and detailed course on the G1000.  It goes from the point of zero user knowledge to advanced techniques and avoiding "gotchas" when using the system.
Loyd W. 04/11/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Garmin G1000 Course
I love King Schools.  I have been using King Schools since my student pilot days back in the early 90s.  As technology advances, so does Kings Schools.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of their courses.
Bart G. 04/09/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Great course
Informative, clear and concise. Well done!
Joel W. 04/08/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Confidence Builder
Feeling prepared to start learning the G1000.
Karl F. 04/02/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
I found this course rich in content and well paced. It makes optimal use of time and the lesson lengths are perfect. Some parts are more dense than other but this makes for an interesting variation and is easily coped with by simply looping the relevant parts of the video a few times till things are understood.
Peter J. 03/07/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Covers all the bases
Good for intro and review of G1000
Tom H. 02/21/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
Course Completion Review
The only way that this course would be better would be if it was updated to incorporate the nxi version of the G1000. John and Martha are excellent instructors.
William W. 02/18/2024 Garmin G1000 Pilot Course
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