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Product reviews for Flying with the KLN94 GPS

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Extremely Highly recommend.
Kings school has THE BEST Instructors, teaching methods, organization and audio video recordings.
I had my first online course with Kings in 2015 before trying several other on lines courses.
Kings (Martha & John) know how to teach making it simple to understand and remember. Students become a value member to Kings school “family”.
Adamos V. 04/14/2021 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
KLN 94
Excellent course on KLN 94. John and Martha King and associated are a slice of heaven.
Gerard M. 08/23/2020 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Training Made Simple
Overall a great course, especially when integrated into flight training. This course is definately a great option to substitute in  ground school time. Its better having all these lessons available for re review when needed and before actually flying the flight hours needed on each subject matter.
Kevin L. 07/08/2020 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Excellent KLN94 Overview
This was an excellent overview of the KLN94 GPS.  Information was presented in an intuitive, logical way which was easy to assimilate.  Many common scenarios were addressed, and I feel that the length of the course was just right.  I'm sure that I will review this course in the future, to maintain my knowledge.
Jason A. 04/05/2020 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Money well spent
Helped immensely with my understanding of the KLN 94 and the MFD
Richard L. 02/25/2020 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Course Completion Review
Dated information, of course, but nice to have a resource for these old systems that are still out there.
Anthony G. 01/30/2020 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Great Info on GPS
Gives a lot of detail on navigating GPS systems
Julian W. 12/31/2019 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
KLN 94 Get to know it
I recently purchased a Bonanza F33 with a KLN 94. With this course, I now know how to program it for VFR. Currently, I am only a VFR pilot in training and will at a future date be IFR. This software has provide me a great deal of knowledge and confidence to use the KLN 94 correctly. AS time passes, I know I will be consulting this software many times.Thank you
Merzi A. 12/29/2019 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Nice refresher on an older GPS
Flying the Garmin 430W and newer on a regular basis, I had to go back and take a look at a couple legacy boxes while working with an aircraft that was new to me. King did a great job once again at a reasonable price point.
Anthony A. 12/22/2019 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Great Course!
Great course and great refresher on all the functions of the KLN-94.
Donald R. 04/06/2019 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
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