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Product reviews for Flying with the KLN94 GPS

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Thanks I currently do not have one, I think the overview of the KLN 94 was very complete Thanks
Cecil B. 01/13/2019 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
nicely done
nicely done
Karen S. 11/07/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Good course
Jerry J. 09/24/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Ok Progrm
The web site it is great and King's does a great job in many programs.
Adamos V. 08/04/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Awesome teaching!
Awesome teaching and enough humor to lighten even the heaviest load of information. From here I need to learn the G430 but the initial KLN94 demo was good enough to proceed. I feel confident enough to get in with my instructor now and start training. I am a Private pilot transitioning to Instrument and commercial ratings after 11 years.
Lisa W. 07/23/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Information overload
This section of the course could have been just too much information but in actuality the course was very well laid out and provided all the information at a rate that made it easily understandable.  Looking forward to the next course.
Steven S. 06/19/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
Great into into GPS flying
After flying 300 hours and looking at the GPS control panel with trepidation, I feel a lot more confident in beginning dual instruction in GPS approaches. The time and money saved learning this material on my couch, instead of an airplane was money well spent.
Richard D. 05/23/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
KLN 94 course
Working on my ATP SEL.  While I’m very familiar and comfortable with the Garmin 430 & 1000, the C172SP used in my training had a KLN 94.  King Schools video course was easy to understand  so I could prepare for my checkride successfully.  Thanx. Scott B.
Scott B. 02/10/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
good summary
Good overview of the KLN-94. Not sure how to actually obtain a take-home docking station for practice at home as they mention in the video.
brad r. 02/06/2018 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
My first King Schools course
This was my first Kin Schools course.  I really liked it.  The pace was about right for me, and the explanations were clear.
Russell G. 12/02/2017 Flying with the KLN94 GPS
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