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King Schools is the best!
John and Martha make the process fun and easy to understand. The learning videos are very informative and take you step by step to the point where you will have no problem pass your FAA exam. I will be sure to use them when its time to proceed to to my Instrument and Commercial exams!
PHILLIP M. 03/10/2023 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Well Prepared for Success
King's Private Pilot Helicopter Course exceeded my expectations. I was well prepared with the relevant knowledge going into the FAA Exam. The availability and utilization of unlimited practice exams proved invaluable.
Lyle H. 11/23/2022 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Best learning service ever!
King Schools helped me a lot to get my flying license. The course material was straight forward and everything went well alongside the videos and the quizzes. I had previous flying experience but I had limited information on America's standards of aviation. Best method of teaching....
Abdul N. 07/03/2022 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
I scored 98% easily!
I am totally new to the world of Aviation. I have no family in this field and I came into on short notice and with little preparation. My instructor recommended doing Kings Ground School and the course made everything SO understandable. I only missed one question on my written exam. I mixed up category and type, which I should have caught.

Kings School is an affordable thorough introduction to the world of aviation.
Scott P. 06/29/2022 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Just got a 98%!!!
Just took the Private Pilot Helicopter knowledge test this morning and got a 98% score. I only missed one question! Thanks to The King Schools' clear and methodical videos and test prep questions, I felt very prepared and confident while taking the test. While studying I took notes on the videos, I answered all the review questions at least twice, and then took the many practice exams (1 or 2 a day for a couple of weeks before my exam). Many of the questions on the actual exam were exactly the same as the questions in the course and many were "almost" the same, so I was ready for them. Thank you again!
Robert C. 06/08/2022 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Great Course!
King Schools delivers the necessary information in a clean, straight-forward manner and highlights the important topics that will be required for the FAA written exam. I appreciate their graphics and the expansive way that they drive the topics home.
Kyle B. 04/18/2022 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Great Course
Kings on line ground school allowed me to study at my pace, at the time that worked for me. I was able to go over topics I did not understand as many times as needed to get a good comprehension of the topic. Ultimately I scored a 97%! Thanks King's!
Adam K. 01/15/2022 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Private Helicopter Ground Prep
Fantastic course - very streamlined. Great and accessible for all ages online or via mobile app.
Garrett L. 12/01/2021 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
this is a great school
Thank you so much , you all taught me a lot, i love the Kings, but i enjoyed Miss King the most, thank you again,
Juan C. 10/07/2021 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
Knowledge test preparation
I usually prefer an in person classroom setting for learning with the main reason being that I can ask questions. My King schools course for private pilot helicopter was designed so that almost any questions I might have had were answered at one point or another in the subject chapters. All I had to do was pay attention! Martha and John did not simply throw these courses together. Their hands on technical knowledge along with a practical and friendly presentation kept me coming back to class until my course was complete. Thank you both and, If we ever have the pleasure of meeting I'm buying the coffee!
DAVID L. 09/27/2021 Private Pilot Helicopter Ground School & Test Prep
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