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Course Completion Review
Entertaining and interesting
Svante L. 10/11/2021 Aviation Weather Wise
Good stuff to review!
A good way to rethink simple solutions to emergency situations.
Richard Y. 10/10/2021 Surviving Aircraft Systems Emergencies
good info perhaps too long
The website looks a but dated, but is overall functional
Nicholas L. 10/07/2021 Instrument Rating Practical Test
i have been a fan for 20 years
they  do such a great job of teaching the material
George 10/06/2021 Aviation Weather Wise
Great Course
It's a great course! John and Martha make aviation learning fun and informative.
Andrae J. 10/05/2021 Surviving Aircraft Systems Emergencies
Course Completion Review
Great Information!
Andrae J. 10/04/2021 Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR
Course Completion Review
Edward K. 10/04/2021 Instrument Rating Practical Test
This will get it done!
Second time using King Schools in this household, got the job done both times.
Lance H. 09/30/2021 Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep
Made understanding weather easy
John S. 09/30/2021 Aviation Weather Wise
Basic IFR Review
Most information quite dated.  But then again most IFR information is timeless.
David J. 09/29/2021 IFR With Confidence
Opens a new window.