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Reseller Programs

Partners in Training
As a flight school manager or flight instructor, you play a key role in helping pilots achieve their goals. We share your desire to create confident and knowledgeable pilots who understand how to manage risk. King Schools Partners in Training Program provides you with complete packages to supplement your training, including home study material and Part 141 approvable flight training syllabi that have been proven to ensure success. You will also benefit from free resources and make money by participating in our reseller program. Find out more about the benefits of selecting either the King Schools Training Program or the Cessna Flight Training System below.
King Schools
Training Program
Your customers will learn and retain the knowledge they need to know with their online King Schools Training Course(s).
  • Ground School & Test Prep
    • Airplane
    • Helicopter
    • Drone
  • Practical Test Prep (Oral Exam & Flight Test)
  • Avionics
    • Garmin
    • KLN
    • Collins
  • Airline Bridge Courses
    • Jet Transition
    • High Altitude
    • RVSM
    • CRM
    • Radar
  • A & P Mechanic
  • Online Library
  • Single-Subject Courses
  • Risk Management
Cessna Flight
Training System
A fully-integrated ground school and flight training curriculum with Part 141 approvable syllabi with reporting and student tracking features.
  • Online or iOS App Course Tracking
  • Free iOS Course Companion Apps for offline learning
  • Available Courses:
    • Sport/Private
    • Instrument
    • Commercial
    • CFI
    • Multi-Engine
  • All courses include the Cessna Reference Library featuring:
    • FAA Handbooks
    • Cessna Aircraft PIMS
    • Easy access to important aviation websites
    • Much more!
Free Resources

These free pilot training videos and resources will engage your customers with their flying studies. Just download and print; perfect for a giveaway gift after a discovery flight.
  • Free Pilot Courses
    • Your First Flying Lesson
    • Airport Runway Signs and Markings Explained
    • Crosswind Landings Made Easy
    • Non-Towered Airport Communications
    • How to Avoid Unwanted Adventure
    • Hangar Flying With A Point
    • Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained
    • TSA Recurrent Security Awareness Training for CFIs
    • Understanding the Mach Meter
    • Using LAANC to Fly Drones in Controlled Airspace
    • How Jet Engines Work
  • Free Learn-to-Fly eBook
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