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Advanced Courses

When you want to take your flying to the next level, King Schools advanced pilot courses are there to help you step up to a whole new level of flying. No matter which course you choose, from learning the ins and outs of multi-engine airplanes to flying jets, we ensure you will understand every topic as we simplify, clarify and make it fun to learn the material.

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High-Altitude Endorsement Ground Training

This is a fun, quick way to get the ground training endorsement the FAA requires to act as PIC of a pressurized aircraft that is capable of flying above 25,000 feet. Get the best training available today with the ease, speed, and portability of online training.

Cleared for Multi-Engines

This course will make your multi-engine training safer, more fun and more efficient!

Jet Transition

To a pilot with a piston-powered background, there is no greater thrill than transitioning to jets. You'll be flooded with the excitement and sensations of hearing a jet engine wind up ... the semi-sweet smell of jet fuel ... the exhilaration of hearing the jet engines follow you wherever you go ... and the great power as you move the throttles forward.

ATP - Multiengine Ground School & Test Prep

It’s true, comprehensive knowledge is vital when you’re planning to become an ATP. That’s why you’ll want to get your “Doctorate in Flying” with the course designed to put you at the head of the class.

Flying the Citation (KING Classic)

Climb into the Citation jet cockpit—from the airplane pre-flight to shut down—for a thrilling high-altitude jet cross-country.

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Flying the Citation Mustang - Single Pilot

The Mustang is the dream personal jet. Martha is Pilot-In-Command on a beautiful trip from Palm Springs to Page, AZ with you following along in the cockpit.

IFR With Confidence - (King Classic)

Thinking about your IFR training? Or your Instrument ticket? Or ready to brush up on your skills and know—how? Either way, this course is jam-packed with solid information for your Instrument Rating.

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Maneuvers for the Commercial Pilot and CFI

Next best thing to actually flying the flight instructor/commercial pilot flight maneuvers! Pilots point-of-view video and animated graphics combine to teach you lazy-eights, chandelles, eights-on-pylons, and other advanced maneuvers.

IFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)

Clear flight training hurdles or sharpen your skills.

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