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Save $98 on this Airline Prep Combo

  • Part 121 Airline Operations
  • Flying the CRJ 700/900
  • Airline Pilot Interview Prep
Retail Price: $497

This combo of Airline Prep courses from 1 Step Prep will help you further your career path and save you $98!
The courses included in this combo are:
Part 121 Airline Operations
The 121 Airline Operations course is the perfect solution for professional aviators gearing up for their first 121 airline! Whether you have extensive jet experience in a charter or corporate environment, come from a military background, or perhaps you’re a CFI headed to an airline, this course uncovers the elements specific to 121 airline flying that you may not be familiar with but definitely need to know!
Airline flying has several operational factors specific to 121 operations. Items such as Operational Control, Dispatch Releases, Amendments, and Operations Specifications (Op Specs) are just a few of the terms you will expect to hear in an airline cockpit. Content covered in this course includes:
  • Terminology
  • Key Personnel
  • Amendments
  • Example Amendments
  • Flight Plan Review
  • Alternates
  • Briefing a Jeppesen Chart
  • Inoperative Equipment
  • Pushback Sequence
  • Other examples of typical airline flying scenarios!
This course fills a crucial gap relating to the operating of an aircraft specifically in an airline environment. Think of an airline cockpit as a mass orchestra and you’re the conductor! Learn about each member of your orchestra, your part in the music, and how to keep tempo in your new role.
Flying the CRJ 700/900
When it comes to training on any jet, it's crucial that you have a healthy understanding of the aircraft systems operation and lights & switches!
This course provides a systems overview with focus on the lights and switches of the CRJ 700/900 aircraft! Furthermore, we'll cover probable oral questions and preferred responses ensuring maximum learning and training program success. In training and checking, the overhead panel is primarily used as it houses most controls of the aircrafts major systems! Joe Munoz will walk you through the overhead panel flowing from top to bottom, left to right, equipping you for maximum retention and success!
Airline Interview Prep
Ace your interview and get the job!
Airline Pilot Instructor Joseph Muñoz delivers the inside info you need to succeed
Joseph Muñoz is an industry recognized instructor, Florida Tech graduate and professional airline pilot. At the young age of 13 Joe decided to dedicate his life to aviation, instruction and perfecting techniques to optimize knowledge transfer. Joe has over 4600 hours of instruction given in B737 and A320 Level D motion simulators. He continues to actively train pilots in both the simulator and classroom with courses ranging from initial to recurrent and upgrade. He also trains in specialty courses such as CRM (Crew Resource Management), HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials), RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums), MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications), Jet Transition, MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination), low visibility operations—and the list goes on. Joe actively flies the A320 family of aircraft for a US based 121 carrier. He attributes much of his rapid growth in the industry to his interpersonal skills that he teaches within the Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course. Leave it to Joe to provide you with the exact recipe for rapid career growth!
The opportunities for prospective airline pilots have changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. It will take a while for airline hiring to come back to the previous levels, so competition among applicants will surely be heating up! Make sure you are fully prepared to make your very best first impression and be a step ahead of the competition to secure your dream job as an airline pilot.
Joe Muñoz will lead you through the 5 Phases of the Interview: The lessons are —
  • First Impressions
  • Small Talk
  • Technical Questions
  • Your Questions
  • Closing

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Unedited Customer Reviews
Course Completion Review
Was expecting a lot more info in this course for the price.
Timothy 02/12/2024
Part 121 Airline Operations
Helpful simplification for the interview process.
Chance L. 01/16/2024
Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course
Easy to Grasp
The videos simplify the 121 world well. It was not overly complicated and did not throw in unneeded information.
Chance L. 12/08/2023
Part 121 Airline Operations
Airline Interview Prep Course
Awesome material, great way to prep for upcoming interview
SHIVAAN R. 06/13/2023
Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course
Course Completion Review
Ian O. 05/28/2023
Part 121 Airline Operations
Course Completion Review
Ian O. 05/28/2023
Part 121 Airline Operations
Far Too Generic
This is helpful for a young person with little to no experience or people skills, but as an interview prep for experienced professional airmen, it was far too short on content. I found very little that was of use.
Alex N. 05/21/2023
Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course
Im Sorry, info was not useful.
I'm sorry, but I found no new or valuable information, and I would like a full refund.
Vijay R. 04/24/2023
Part 121 Airline Operations
Course Completion Review
It was ok, I was hoping for 3585 examples.
Chase B. 03/21/2023
Part 121 Airline Operations
Part 121 Airline Operations
This course is useful not only to pilots but also to ground operations workers (Ops Agent and Ramp Agent) and to Supervisors (Above the Wing, Below the Wing, and Duty Supervisors at smaller stations)
James D. 12/04/2022
Part 121 Airline Operations
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