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AOPA Free Course Kit

Whether you’re just beginning your flying journey, or a seasoned flying pro, you will be sure to enjoy this bundle of FREE KING courses.

FREE King Course Bundle for AOPA Flight Training Magazine readers
AOPA Flight Training Magazine readers, enjoy 11 highly-rated free courses to add to your piloting knowledge at no cost to you!
The FREE Courses are:
  • Airport Runway Signs & Markings Explained
  • Crosswind Landings Made Easy
  • Hangar Flying With A Point
  • High Speed Flight
  • How Jet Engines Work
  • How to Avoid Unwanted Adventure
  • Non-Towered Airport Communications
  • Introduction To The Garmin GTN 650 / 750
  • Understanding Aircraft Marshalling Signals
  • Using LAANC to Fly Drones in Controlled Airspace
  • Your First Flying Lesson

You're In Control of Your Time
You choose when and where you want to learn.
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
King Schools "no questions asked" 30 day, money back guarantee.
We pledge to ...
  • ... place you on a pedestal. John and Martha may be the Kings—but to us, the real "kings" are our customers. Customer satisfaction has driven KING for over 40 years.
  • ... maximize your training. King Schools' teaching techniques help you remember facts you'll need—in every training product we create.
  • ... provide free, lifetime tech support. For as long as you own your course, you get this on all KING software and video products—Monday-Friday 8 A.M.-5 P.M. (PT). Contact Information
  • ... make learning enjoyable. Humor is a major component that distinguishes KING materials—and makes the learning process more memorable.
  • ... treat you with integrity. No loopholes, no surprises—we'll never abuse your trust. There's no fine print, no tricks. Never!
King Schools has trained 1 out of every 2 pilots!

Unedited Customer Reviews
This is just great, covers in depth on the marshal’s hand signals and is very interesting to keep up with. Each instructor have a set personality that is Oh so unique and I love it!
Nicholas C. 12/06/2022
Understanding Aircraft Marshalling Signals
Good Course
Carl C. 12/05/2022
Non-Towered Airport Communications
Great technique refresher
Another good pilot skill refresher course to stay out of the trees, now time to go practice in the air
John M. 12/05/2022
Crosswind Landings Made Easy
Refresh airport markings
Another good refresher on airport signs and pavement markings
John M. 12/05/2022
Airport Runway Signs & Markings Explained
Course Completion Review
Very informative.
Kevin H. 12/05/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Course Completion Review
10/10 recommend!
Donald 12/04/2022
Non-Towered Airport Communications
Course Completion Review
Reminders that help us avoid complacency are always valuable if we take them to heart.
Michael H. 12/04/2022
How to Avoid Unwanted Adventure
Good Course
Had technical issues with my original web browser. Platform should be able to work on firefox.
Carl C. 12/03/2022
Airport Runway Signs & Markings Explained
Great Crosswind Technique
Good to hear the basics again as a refresher
Greg S. 12/03/2022
Crosswind Landings Made Easy
Course Completion Review
John T. 12/03/2022
Introduction To The Garmin GTN 650 / 750
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