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Get It All Kits

Your best choice for savings ... and learning. These comprehensive kits give you everything you need to take you through your FAA exams—and beyond! The components in each Get It All Kit are handpicked by King School´s expert flight instructors and John and Martha personally, to bring you everything you need to get you through your FAA exams—guaranteed! Then, we slashed the price by up to half or more!

Private Pilot Get It All Kit

$1,192 $649

Instrument Rating Get It All Kit

$1,186 $649

Commercial Pilot Get It All Kit

$1,342 $649

Flight Instructor (CFI) Get it All Kit

With this Flight Instructor Get It All Kit, you will be fully prepared for each flying lesson. Getting over 55% off these time-proven courses is huge, but the most important savings will come in the reduced flight time necessary to reach your goal. Get this kit and your instructor will be amazed at what you know!
$1,621 $649

Sport Pilot Get It All Kit

$1,166 $649
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