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Pilot Training Courses

Clear flight training hurdles with ease. This instructional flying series will help sharpen your skills and become an essential part of your aviation library. These are topics that often raise questions and leave student pilots as well as experienced pilots perplexed—often wishing they had more time for review with their instructor. Now, you can review these important single subjects like takeoffs, landings and communication—as often as you like, whenever you like.
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Night Flying

In-the-air video lets you experience the beauty of flight at night. You'll see how to use all the resources, tools and tricks of the trade for the added utility and enjoyment of night flying—plus review preflight planning considerations for local and cross-country night flights.

VFR Regulations Refresher

Get up to speed on the latest FAA regulations before your BFR!

Flying the Citation

Climb into the Citation jet cockpit—from the airplane pre-flight to shut down—for a thrilling high-altitude jet cross-country.

Flying the Citation Mustang - Single Pilot

The Mustang is the dream personal jet. Martha is Pilot-In-Command on a beautiful trip from Palm Springs to Page, AZ with you following along in the cockpit.

Flying with the KLN89B GPS

If you have a GPS installed, you must demonstrate competency to your Examiner!

Making Your Own Rules

If you've scared someone you care about while they were flying with you, you already know they will remember it forever. Now there's a way to make sure you never scare your passengers ... or if you have, to never do it again. The answer—Making Your Own Rules: Developing Your Personal Minimums Checklist.

How to Avoid Unwanted Adventure

John and Martha deliver a delightfully entertaining and educational program filmed in front of a live audience.
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Hangar Flying With A Point

John and Martha recount how "one thing led to another" in this harrowing tale of picking up their first twin-engine airplane.
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Your First Flying Lesson

Let John King take you on a video flying adventure from preflight and takeoff through landing and shut-down, giving you solid information in a relaxed and enjoyable style for your first flying lesson.
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Flying the Skycatcher

If you are already a pilot, you'll find this course gives you just what you need—from using the amazing Garmin G300 to understanding how to best fly this very capable little airplane.

Pilot Training Courses Get It All Kit

You can count on this complete series of courses to take you into the cockpit with loads of practical information to help you fly smarter and safer.
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