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Product reviews for METAR / TAF Made Easy

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Shellie F. 11/26/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Very detailed
Easy to use
Very d. 11/16/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Nice overview.  My understanding of METARS and TAFs was certainly improved.
Charles S. 11/07/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
A well organized course on METARs
Asuzu I. 10/25/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
very informative
Presented in a easy to understand way
william b. 10/25/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Very comprehensive weather information, and easy to follow.  I recommend this course to any aviation enthusiastic.
JORGE 10/13/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Course Completion Review
very good
09/19/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Course Completion Review
Great information presented in an engaging manner.  Easy to follow
09/17/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Weather is Everwhere
As a pilot I must be so much more aware of my surroundings to be safe, and weather is at the top of the list. It impacts evey aspect of flight even when its a beautiful day.  This video will take the sometimes frustrating parts of weather and make it understandable, as well as applicable.
Ferrel A. 09/13/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
Course Completion Review
Very well done - lots more comfortable reading the METAR/TAF entries now.
08/23/2015 METAR / TAF Made Easy
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