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Product reviews for Cleared for Flight Instructing

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Worked out well
I enjoy being able to progress at my own pace, as well as the ability to go back and review sections in which I need additional instruction.
Samuel L. 08/12/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Returning Customer
I love the way the King's teach.
Brandon R. 07/11/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Good but could be updated
While I like the video breakdown and explanation of the questions, I do believe they need to be updated in order to grab the viewers attention.  I found the content a bit dry and hard to focus especially when other products are out there to help you prepare for the written exam and at a lower price point. The FOI notes though and the other tools provided are very nice.
Damion D. 05/18/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Course Completion Review
A solid course as always! Thank you King Schools!
Jacob M. 05/14/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Website worked well
Gregory C. 05/14/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Great info...FAST!
This is the third course from King that I have completed, all have been well made. Not only does the app work well, or using the online site, but there is a lot of great info from the course. It is not just information to help with the written test for each certificate or rating, the videos cover much more than just that! I enjoyed the course and of course, learned a lot. The course is designed to be at your own pace, as fast or slow as you need.
MCKAY A. 05/13/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Great materials
easy to navigate, low qualities
Jean A. 05/02/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Good buy
The material was great, did a great job covering the subject areas and the FOI stuff was great, saved me from having to comb thru the Instructors handbook. Test prep material was good, scored an 84% on my FOI exam and an 81% on my CFI, plan on using it for the AGI. Would buy this again.
Josh B. 03/15/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Great Course!
This CFI Course was very user friendly and convenient to use along side my CFI training. My instructor was able to see my progress and performance. There's a lot of important information to take in and retain from this course. I think the course did a great job in giving that information and it was nice to have a program that was easy enough to navigate and get back to specific lessons for review.
Andrew W. 01/27/2018 Cleared for Flight Instructing
Good course!
Training basic are still the same.  Some videos are older, but still very applicable and good reference material for FAA testing.  Keep up the good work.TW
Thomas W. 11/19/2017 Cleared for Flight Instructing
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