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isaac m. 10/13/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
Comprehansive but Decades Old
I just purchased this course for my BFR.  The course was informative and seems to be pretty comprehensive.  However, I'm trying to justify to myself the cost of the course that I paid for it today, knowing that the quality of the video, dated photographs, and copyright 1993 were prominant in the video.  I had expected more updated material in paying this amount, something more recent than two decades old, made the same year I originally acquired my Private Pilot Certificate.  I'm feeling fairly conflicted about this experience so far.
Jon B. 10/09/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
Excellent Air Space Review!
Fantastic website, easy to navigate, no glitches on any desktops that I have used. However, I was not able to access it on my iDevices! I will assistance with using these lessons on mobile devices, as I frequently use my time during business travel (by air) for this purpose.
Gajanan K. 08/04/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
more detail!!
went farther in depth than the ground school portion, great review with great examples!!
Jon H. 08/01/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
King Schools is awesome.  John and Martha are great and make the lessons enjoyable... Love it..
rich p. 07/27/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
Course Completion Review
Jonathan T. 07/13/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
Course Completion Review
Tom B. 06/22/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
Course Completion Review
Pedro B. 06/14/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
In-depth review of airspace
Great in-depth review of the complicated airspace.  I'd stay away from KSAN and KLAX area - boy that complicated!!!  Thanks
Stephen M. 06/10/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
Airspace made easy!
Airspace can seem very complicated and intimidating.  If you want to understand airspace and the requirements to fly within them, take this course.  Well done!
David B. 06/10/2014 The Complete Airspace Review
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