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CFI Practical Test Prep Course

This course shows you a real-world Flight Instructor Practical Test including both the oral and flight portions. You'll learn on-screen exactly what the FAA wants you to demonstrate to earn your Instructor rating.
  • FREE lifetime course access and automatic updates
  • Ace Your FAA Flight Instructor Oral & Flight Instructor Practical Test — Guaranteed!

Cleared for Multi-Engines

This course will make your multi-engine training safer, more fun and more efficient!

Collins Aerospace IFIS-5000 Online

This interactive online course will give you the training you need to make operation of the IFIS-5000 virtually automatic, freeing you to focus on situational awareness and risk management.

Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21 King Air Online Course

This King Air interactive online course will develop your understanding of the Pro Line 21 system and features. The course will enhance your communications, navigation and situational awareness while using this powerful, integrated system.

Commercial Pilot Get It All Kit

With this Commercial Pilot Get It All Kit, you will be fully prepared for each flying lesson. Getting over 50% off these time-proven courses is huge, but the most important savings will come in the reduced flight time necessary to reach your goal. Get this kit and your instructor will be amazed at what you know!
$1,342 $629

Commercial Pilot Ground School & Test Prep

You’ll pass your FAA Written Exam (Knowledge Test) with your KING Commercial Pilot Ground School & Test Prep Course—guaranteed or your money back! KING courses are full and complete ground schools with nothing left out. But, more important, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to identify and manage the risks of flight—in short you’ll be ready to be Pilot-In-Command.
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